26+ A.I Tools, Can it Replace Software Engineers? AI in the Workplace

As AI technology continues to advance, more and more tools are becoming available to professionals in various fields. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring 26+ AI tools that can be used by marketers, creators, programmers, and designers.

  1. ChatGPT (Blog, Code, Title, Comment, Hashtags, Rewrite, Error Correcter, App Building etc)
  2. Whisper (Audio to Text Converter)
  3. Codex (Write Program based on the Text statement which you give)
  4. Github Copilot (Pair Programmer with Plugin for Notebooks)
  5. InstructGPT (Pair programmer like above)
  6. Text to Product (Description generator for the Product)
  7. AI Slides (Creating Slides)
  8. Dalle (Generate Image Based on Text)
  9. MidJourney (Generate High Graphics Design Images for all purpose based on prompt)
  10. Stable Diffusion (Text to image converter)
  11. Runway Videos (Editing Images, Video, Image/Video Manipulation)
  12. Copy.ai (Text Manipulation, Sales marketing Copy etc.)
  13. 10 A.I Chrome Extensions (Benefits in Different ways)
  14. Replit Ghostwriter (Pair Programmer)
  15. 5+ No Code AI app Builders (Building applications without programming)
  16. Ben’s Bites(A.I Newsletter to know A.I related updates)

In conclusion, AI tools are becoming increasingly prevalent in a variety of fields and can be used by professionals such as marketers, creators, programmers, and designers to improve their work and streamline their processes. The 26+ AI tools mentioned in this blog post are just a small sample of the many tools that are available, and it’s likely that even more advanced and specialized AI tools will be developed in the future.


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